Matrix Review – Earn 0.01 BTC Per Referral + Earn Upto 61 BTC (Bitcoins)

What is CashPoolPro Matrix Of Bitcoin?

Join Matrix Plan with CashPoolPro Referral id of sponsor and Earn Free Bitcoin. Refer and Earn 0.01 BTC per Referral. Earn upto 61 BTC by inviting friends on bitcoin matrix plan. Cashpoolpro Proof and Review added.

Cash pool pro is a matrix plan based on btc (bitcoin) which provides you the special opportunity to earn free bitcoins. New users to should have to invest 0.03 btc only and that’s it! every users can earn upto 61.41 approx BTC (Bitcoins) from cashpoolpro matrix.

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cashpoolpro referral bitcoin

Cashpoolpro Refer Earn Bitcoin Matrix Plan – Full Review


This matrix is for those who loves auto-upgrades and hates recruting. Here is the plan detail :
👉With this plan you can go earn 60+ btc..
👉Its a straight line cycler..
👉Referrals are not mandatory , means everyone makes money here..
👉Everyone joins in single line.
👉One will cycle out to the next phase as soon as 3 people join after him, either from you or from any referrer.
👉Now , there are two income..
1. As per plan below.. As soon as 3 people join after u , you will get 0.03 btc in ur wallet and move to Phase 1 automatically and so on.
2. Referral income – 0.01 btc for every direct referral.
👉So can refer unlimited no. of referrals.
👉System is fully automated.
👉You need to join and upgrade with 0.03 btc one time, rest system will take care of everything.
👉You can refer as much people as you want.
👉As soon as you cycled out from phase 0 and system sends you 0.03 you can buy another position in phase 0 for more income.

CashPoolPro 24×7 Helpline Contact Number :- +919871228773

👉 👉 👉 👉 👉 Just launched.. Be sure to make yourself register 👈 👈 👈 👈 👈
Contact ASAP

cashpoolpro referral bitcoin

Cashpoolpro Bitcoin Referral id :- “PRASANTADHA”

Cashpoolpro Latest Update in Plan – 22nd May 2017 @ 9 PM

Hello Cashpoolpro members,
After discussing with the #CPP ThinkTank, I am about to make some changes in the CPP Compensation Plan.These are :

1. All members will be paid 0.02 BTC when they cycle out from Phase 0 and 0.01 BTC in Phase 1. Members who are in Phase 1 as of now, will be paid 0.03 BTC in Phase 1.
2. Now, there will be a matching bonus of 0.007 BTC to sponsors when their referral cycles out from Phase1, Phase 3 and other top phases. The remaining 0.003 BTC will be used for paid promotions.
3. System will automatically buy New Positions in phase 0 when members cycle out from Phase 1, Phase 3 and other top phases.
4. Now, a total of 63 New Positions will be inserted into Phase 0 for each position purchased on the matrix for faster cycling.
5. We are adding Ether coin into CPP as a payment processor apart from BTC.

Now there are some questions:
1. Why these sudden changes?
Ans : We’re observant and committed to responding to the needs of CPPians. We have seen that members have to wait for their first payout in both Phase 0 and Phase 1and it is creating a problem and unnecessary delays. So we will be paying 0.02 BTC in Phase 0 and 0.01 BTC in Phase 1. The new positions will also hasten the cycling process.
2. Will CPP keep changing it’s plans?
Ans: Change is the law of nature and is constant. To create a favourable system, we’ll employ necessary changes to make things better, and this is what we have just done with CPP.
👉Changes will be in effect from 23 May 2017 00:00 Server time.


You are recieveing this email because you are a member of Cashpool Professional.
If you do not want to recieve emails from us anymore please log into your account to update your email preferences

->Admin Cashpoolpro

What is The Minimum Investment Amount?

Minimum Investment = 0.03 BTC

Maximum Investment = Unlimited BTC 

How To Get Register on

1) Go to The Registration Page

2) Click on ‘Register’ button and create a new account by filling your personal info as well as your login info.

3) Check on agreement box and click on ‘Register Now’ button.

4) After filling the registration form contact us at +919871228773, we will guide you how make your investment.

5) After you first investment you are eligible to invite friends on and earn 0.01 per referral.

How To Get Cashpoolpro Sponsor id?

1) Login into your cashpoolpro account.

2) Go to Members section>> Promo Tools and here you got your sponsor id share your unique referral id with friends and family.

Note : You will get referral bonus only if your friend gets registered on with your sponsor name and makes his/her first investment with cash pool pro matrix.

Refer and Earn Program Income Chart

cashpoolpro referral bitcoin

Terms and Conditions

1) New user should invest 0.03 btc to get successfully registered on

2) Users will get 0.01 btc per referred friend who signed up using your referral sponsor id and buy’s advertisement packages (means invest 0.03 btc minimum same as you have invested).

3) Do not use any unlimited hack tricks, use of vpns, making of fake accounts and other similar fraud activities, it may banned your cashpoolpro account and earnings as well.

4) Above information is correct as per our information source and we are not liable for any kind of fraud or mis understanding in any circumstances.

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